The Human Condition

America... Our Modern Culture is brash. We're loud, obnoxious, explicit. We're in a race for a put-down. We're in a race for sexual expression, sexual experience, sexual fulfillment. Cussing and brash language has become the norm. We love our drugs, licit or illicit. We love to be irreverent.

The Human Condition is bleak. We are not basically good, we're full of malice. We love to find ourselves superior to other people. We lie to each other, we cheat, we steal, we manipulate. We're full of pride - and not the good kind. We're immodest, selfish, shameless. We're prone to compulsion. We're dispensed to ridicule and belittling. We have a predilection for neglect. We eat too much and don't take care of ourselves. We're lazy. We have a sense of entitlement. We're irresponsible with our finances, irresponsible with our kids, irresponsible with our work.... Irresponsible. We idolize our celebrities and politicians - people who themselves do these very things. Success to us usually means wealth and possesions instead of an education or raising our own kids. We like to think of ourselves as smart and others as stupid. We don't forget and we don't forgive. This is the ugly side of humans.

This story does not end like this. There is good news. The All Mighty, the creator of the universe, The Lord, God himself has shown us his great love, in the midst of all of this. Despite our sin nature, He wanted to reconcile us to Him because of His great love.

You see, God loves us and doesn't want us to belittle each other. He doesn't want you to insult someone he loves. He doesn't want you to cheat someone he holds dear. He doesn't want you to commit violence against someone who is precious to Him.

Therefore, He sent His Son, Jesus, to be a sacrifice, to atone for our sin. Forever, His eternal judgement against us is spared. Not by our works, for we cannot boast about our deeds. It was His deeds, not our works, that have reconciled us to Him. Our job is to accept in faith his very great sacrifice as a substitute for our punishment. No more judgement from his righteous nature. No more penalty. No more guilt. Now that is amazing grace.

His grace was meant to produce in you repentance. Let's live for Him. He is worthy.